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In early September last year, Jessica and Adam along with their closest family and friends, turned the stunning Casa la Siesta, in Vejer de la Frontera, into a love-filled wedding scene.

With both of them from close-knit families and sharing a big group of friends, they wanted to have a wedding ceremony that reflected all of these things. They worked with their wedding celebrant Gayle to make sure that their friends and family played an active role in their ceremony.

Now, we’ve been doing wedding ceremonies in the Costa del Sol for a very long time, but this has got to be the first time that we saw a ceremony starting off with a pre-ceremony warm up! Yup, you read that right, a pre-ceremony warm up. With their help of their grooms and bridesmaids, the crew got all the ceremony guests up on their feet, and took them through a quick warm-up boogie to get them in the mood and nice and lively for the ceremony! What an awesome way to kick start the ceremony!

And then once Jessica walked down the aisle on her dad’s arm, the ceremony did well and truly begin. Celebrant Gayle welcomed the couple and all of their guests to the amazing Casa La Siesta, and made a special mention of all of the countries that guests had travelled from, which included the UK, USA, Dubai, and Israel.

Wedding ceremony area

During the ceremony, Jessica and Adam had two readings by family members and their celebrant Gayle shared their thoughts on love and marriage which they had prepared especially for the ceremony, but kept a secret until that moment. How romantic right!?

They then went on to say their personalised vows which they designed, which included a question vow that they had Gayle ask them followed by identical statement vows that they said to each other.

Bride, groom and celebrant
Reader reading at a wedding
Bride saying wedding vows

A nice touch before their wedding vows was to have all of their friends and family respond to a communal vow to show their love and support of them both. This was something that Adam and Jessica wanted to include, because it was important to them to have this vocal support from their nearest and dearest.

After their vows, both of their brothers delivered their wedding rings and with masses of applause, shouting, whooping and clapping, they sealed their commitment with a kiss and headed back up the aisle carrying colour bombs.

An amazing, fun filled wedding ceremony and reception at Casa La Siesta, in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain.

Wedding couple holding coloured flares

Photography by Clickrec www.clickrec.es

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