Why we’re obsessed with elopements in Spain

Getting married is hands down one of the most amazing events that any couple who chooses to, can experience. For most couples, there will be no other experience like it. And this is why we love love love being a part of any couple’s wedding experience and helping them to craft a ceremony that is just what they want.

And whilst all wedding ceremony types are amazing, there is something really extra special about elopements, and elopements in Spain.

Whether it’s the fact that a couple chooses to come by themselves (or with a handful of loved ones) to a completely different country, or the fact that a couple have decided to focus on making the day just about them.

Or the fact that they want to do one of life’s biggest moments in the smallest and most intimate way. Or that they made a very brave decision to strip back their wedding day to its most rawest state. Whatever prompts a couple to get married in this way, it really is a very special way to celebrate your love, your twosome and your marriage.

The benefits of eloping in Spain

  • Spain is a country of incredible natural beauty with so much variety and choice of perfect elopement locations.
  • Eloping allows you to truly focus on just the two of you and making your special occasion centred on you both.
  • Your elopement ceremony becomes a private event where you can share you love and exchange your vows in an intimate setting.
  • You get to celebrate your amazing twosome in just the way that you wish, without having to worry or cater to anyone else.

For more reasons for why Spain is a perfect choice for your elopement check out our elopement in Spain post.

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So how can Malaga Minister wedding celebrants help with your elopement in Spain

As the Costa Del Sol’s longest serving celebrant company, Malaga Minister has been creating ceremony joy and spreading love since 2007.

We carried out our first elopement wedding in June 2012 with a gorgeous couple who came from the states for the elopement. We stood under an old oak tree in the grounds of hotel Fuentes Del sol and carried out the most stunning heartfelt ceremony.

Over the years, the locations have changed, an outcrop of rocks on a Marbella beach, a valley under Ronda’s famous viaduct, the countryside grounds of typically Andalusian holiday home, but the emotions, intimacy and magic remain.

Elopement couple in Ronda, Spain

Photo by Pedro Bellido 

As well as helping you to craft your amazing elopement wedding ceremony in Spain, so that you celebrate your love just as you would like, we can help you to;

  • Source your special elopement area in the Costa Del Sol and surrounds
  • Recommend amazing photographers and videographers and other wedding professionals.

Photo by Pedro Bellido

Thanks for our elopement ceremony, it was absolutely perfect! We couldn't have asked for anything more and we were so glad to have you part of the ceremony.
Chad and Ashley

Why elope to Spain?

Getting married in Spain is a no brainer for so many reasons and southern Spain in particularly is amazing.

  • It’s easy to get to. 
  • The landscapes are stunning and varied. From beaches to woodlands, there are so many magical elopement spots.
  • It’s home to so many talented wedding professionals
  • The food and wine. Hello?
  • The people and culture

We could go on!

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Nate & I want to thank you so much for officiating a perfect, serene ceremony for us a week ago in Los Castillejos! We were blown away by how lovely & personalized the whole proceedings were, & how you perfectly captured our intentions & emotions on that day, heading into our marriage. We don't think we could've imagined a better way to tie the knot, so thank you very, very much, Natasha. 

Sara and Nate, married in Los Castillejos - December 2019

Watch this stunning Ronda elopement video shot and edited by 3H Visual

If eloping to Spain sounds like your absolute dream way to get married, we’d love to hear from you. You’ve done the hard part already, deciding to elope, so now let us help you with the rest of special plans.

Contact us below for your elopement in southern Spain; Malaga, Marbella, Nerja, Cordoba and Granada. And check out this page here for your elopement in Ronda. You can read more about the Malaga Minister team here.

To learn more about the art of eloping, you can read this elopement post on my award-winning wedding blog.

Photos by Pedro Bellido, 4Events and video by 3HVisual