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This article is all about why you should elope to Spain, including our top reasons that make Spain an amazing country to visit and a top elopement destination.

If you’re reading this it can only really mean one thing and it must be the fact that the idea of eloping to Spain excites you big time. Perhaps your sense of adventure and wanderlust is at its strongest and something in your gut is telling you that a) you not only want to elope but b) you want to elope to Spain. Well, if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. If Spain is on your bucket list of places to travel to and you need a little bit more convincing for why it could be the elopement destination for you as well, then read on for my five top reasons for why Spain is a perfect place to elope and to have the adventure of a lifetime.

Is an elopement in Spain right for you?

Couple eloping in Ronda Spain

1. It’s easy

Eloping to Spain could not be easier. As a country Spain understands that it is a super desirable place to visit and so it does its best to accommodate tourists and to make life easy for them. The travel and transport links here are amazing and once you are here, you will find it easy to travel around this beautiful country. And when it comes to elopements you are spoilt for choice as to where you can elope in Spain. Stunning city and beach elopements like in Barcelona or Malaga, countryside elopements in jaw-dropping gorges like here in Ronda. Beach elopements in Marbella, there is a Spanish town or city for all types of elopers, whatever the vibe. And what’s more, eloping here is easy.

Once you have your destination, booking your wedding professionals couldn’t be easier and that’s where we’re here to help. Our elopement experiences include your awesome wedding celebrant, photographer and even a videographer, if you want extra special memories. And we can even help out with a hair and make-up artist too and flowers if you want to be fancy. 

You may not realise it but here in Spain, (depending on where your elopement takes place) generally foreigners and tourists cannot be legally married here, if they’re not residents here. This, believe it or not, makes an elopement much easier! All it means is that you and your loved one take care of the legalities at home either before or after your elopement here in Spain, so that once you’re here in Spain you don’t have to worry about paperwork or certificates or anything legal as you will take care of that in your home country. See it as home equals boring legalities, Spain equals fun, incredible, amazing elopement experience and when you see it like that it does make it all so much easier.

Couple eloping in Ronda Spain

2. It’s great value for money

Now that’s a statement we all like to hear right? And it’s true, Spain is great value for money and something which can really help your decision-making process when deciding to elope here. The cost of traveling here definitely is balanced out by how much you spend whilst you're here. And most tourists to Spain generally find that it’s cheaper here than where they’re from. The great thing too with Spain is that you have plenty of choices. If you want to spend a lot of money on eloping here, staying in five star places and dining in five star restaurants then you can, but if you want to stick to a good budget and not overspend then you can also do that too. Spain has choices for all types of budgets. 

And when it comes to eloping, you have the same choices. Our Ronda elopement experience is a perfect example of how you can tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. You literally only pay for your wedding celebrant and photographer/videographer for your elopement day and then the other separate costs are your travel and accommodation costs which you can go as high or low, one star or five star with. The choice is yours! We’ve had couples who take our Ronda elopement experience packages and go five star with their accommodation and travel and others who are more low key and preferred independent hotels and hostels and mid priced air bnbs. The point is there’s something for all budgets and Spain remains a great value for money destination.

3. It’s adventurous 

“Eloping to Spain is boring,” said no-one, ever. Personally I cannot think of a more adventurous, rock n roll, awesome way to get married, yet at the same time a really lovely, fuss-free, simple and romantic way to tie the knot too.

Our Ronda elopement experience could not be more romantic! I mean, who doesn’t want to drive down into a stunning Spanish gorge, and take a short walk up a hill to get married against the backdrop of a medieval town and historic Puente Nuevo bridge. The quaint beautiful Spanish town of Ronda that the literary likes of Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles fell in love with and were inspired by. And imagine getting to tell people your wedding story, that the two of you upped and eloped to Spain. Now is that adventurous? Or is that adventurous?

Plus, if you don’t want the headaches of big weddings then eloping sounds like the way to go for you. Lots of our couples come to Spain for their amazing Spanish elopements, with the blessing of their family and friends who totally get that eloping is right for them. They then return home and have an elopement party with friends or family or find other ways to celebrate this special moment with their loved ones. 

Couple eloping in Ronda Spain

4. It’s a unique experience

There’s no denying it but eloping to Spain is a pretty unique thing to do. Most people do not elope. Most people get married in the town that they live in, or the area or at least, the country that they live in. It’s a different breed of person who decides to go to a completely different country to their own, to elope. It takes guts, conviction, wanderlust, sense of adventure, and the desire to eliminate stress and tradition from your big day when you decide to elope.

From my experience, I found that couples who elope aren’t running away from anything, but running towards everything! They run towards freedom, privacy, sanctuary, fun, excitement, togetherness and commitment. Eloping is for couples who truly want to have an experience that is focused on them and their needs and desires and not everyone else's. Eloping allows couples to have a break away from the everyday, day-to-day of life and to turn inwards to themselves, which sometimes can be much a much-needed thing to do. Life is busy and you can end up taking one another for granted, but eloping together can help with that and can allow you both to reconnect and to be together without everything else in life going on around you. It’s loving and therapeutic and a unique experience for couples looking for a different way of getting married.

Elopement couple in Ronda, Spain

5.English is widely-spoken

Now I’ll admit that this is not as sexy as the other reasons but practically speaking it’s a pretty damned good reason for eloping to Spain. Whilst Spain is still very much a country where you’ll have no problems speaking your high school or book-learnt Spanish and in some quaint corners you’ll find very little English spoken, if any at all.

When it comes to weddings you’ll find that the wedding industry here operates in English and of course Spanish. This makes life so much easier knowing that important wedding things can be dealt with either in your own language or a language that you know well enough (or at least better than Spanish!). It makes planning your elopement in Spain and all of the details much easier and less stressful. Our elopement team is made up of me (I’m British) and a Spanish photographer and videographer and we’ll all speak English and Spanish. So we are able to give the best of both worlds. 

Has reading this made you super excited about eloping to Spain? We hope so! Why not check out our Ronda elopement experience here and see if you get hooked by this special way of eloping in Spain.

Are you ready to elope to Spain? Get in contact with me now using the form below for more information about your awesome Spanish elopement.

Photos by Pedro Bellido

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