After ten years of being a wedding celebrant, I realised that there were still so many couples who could benefit from the Malaga Minister magic that we bring to our wedding ceremonies. It used to make me so sad when I had to turn down an amazing couple because I was already booked. So six years ago, I expanded and trained up my closest friends, allies and cheerleaders to help me to spread more ceremony joy around the Costa del Sol. Best. Decision. Ever. We now get to spread three times more love and happiness!

Gayle and Lucy are total goddesses. They are such fabulous human beings; a right laugh, dizzy one minute, super intelligent the next and just the best fun! They're beautifully spoken, articulate and experienced and down-to-earth, bubbly and bright. When they laugh, they really laugh, you know, like with their whole faces! We're like the Charlie's Angels of the wedding world, except there's no Charlie (100% girl power), just three committed, passionate, professional women who love their job and helping couples to have the best ceremony experience ever.

The three of us work closely together for the good of all of our couples and we spend far too much time cooing to one another about how awesome our couples are! I think I spend more time What's Apping these two than my own husband!

 So have a look at our smiley faces below and click on the links to find out more about us.

The Malaga Minister Team

Natasha Johnson - Wedding Celebrant

Natasha setup Malaga Minister 15 years ago, with a bucket-load of passion and website made by a friend. Now, Malaga Minister has grown to one become of the Costa del Sol and Andalucia's most trusted and sought after wedding companies. And now with an awesome team in place, we're helping to spread ceremony love all over Andalucia. 

Gayle Armitage - Associate Wedding Celebrant

Read more about lovely Gayle and find out why she has a love-hate relationship with spinning, why she finds her hair annoying and why she's been preparing to be a celebrant since she was 5 years old! 

Lucy Brown - Associate Wedding Celebrant

Read more about the fabulous Lucy and find out how else she uses her stunning voice when she's not leading fabulous wedding ceremonies.