I am so very lucky. To be able to do something that I love for as long as I have been, is such an honour. To know that couples are excited when they come across my website and really want my help in making their ceremonies be the awesome ceremony that they want and deserve to have. To see my diary fill up with such awesome couples is so unbelievably wonderful, and something I never imagined.

But, there is only one of me. As much as I have been waiting for scientists to clone people, I realise this isn’t going to happen for a while. And so as a response to the constant disappointment of having to say ‘no’ to so many wonderful human beings, I have put together a team of awesome associate celebrants who are as passionate, and committed as I am to helping couples have their dream ceremony.

Trained and mentored by me, my associates will be available for you, when I am not. AND trust me, this is a big deal for me. I would not hand you over to anyone who I didn’t think and know with my whole heart, will serve you as well as I could. So have a look at their smiley faces below and click on the links to find out more about these awesome humans.

Ceremonies by Natasha & Co



Natasha Johnson – Wedding Celebrant

Malaga Minister was set up 15 years ago, with a bucket of enthusiasm and website made by a friend. Now, Malaga Minister has grown to one become of the Costa del Sol and Andalucia’s most trusted and sort after wedding services. And now with an awesome team in place, we’re helping to spread love all over Andalucia. Read more about Natasha here.




Gayle Armitage – Associate Wedding Celebrant

Read more about lovely Gayle and find out why she has a love-hate relationship with spinning, why she finds her hair annoying and why she’s been preparing to be a celebrant since she was 5 years old! Read more about Gayle here.

Lucy Brown - Associate Wedding Celebrant

Read more about the fabulous Lucy and find out how else she uses her stunning voice when she's not leading wedding ceremonies. Read more about Lucy.