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Although Spain is still largely a Catholic country, every year, even among the Spanish themselves, couples are choosing to have non-religious, celebrant-led weddings here in Spain.

There are so many advantages and benefits to having a celebrant-led wedding in Spain. There is absolute freedom to hold your wedding celebration wherever you want. Church weddings can only take place inside a church and civil weddings in Spain can only happen in a civil registry or if you can pull strings a different venue (but this is very very rare!)

So this is why the option to have a celebrant-led wedding in Spain, the Costa del Sol, or any other area of Spain, makes for such an attractive option. With a celebrant not only do you have complete freedom over where your ceremony and wedding can take place, but you also get so much more control over what you actually do for your ceremony and how you celebrate your love and marriage.

Top tips for booking your wedding celebrant

Good celebrants will help you to create bespoke wedding celebrations that fit your vibe and plans for the day. They will give you lots of advice on what you can do and have in your wedding ceremony. They can give you great tips on getting married in Spain and what local elements and traditions you can have in your wedding ceremony in Spain. They can and will create a very special and meaningful ceremony for you, full of love, hopefully laughter and lots of joy.

Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect celebrant for your amazing celebrant-led wedding in Spain:

Couple getting married

1.Do you research

Before contacting a celebrant, do your research first. Shop around and really check  out what’s on offer. This will help you, if you don’t know already, to really think about what you want for your ceremony and what kind of person you want to lead your ceremony. You can then check out websites and read reviews and start to get a feel for your celebrant as an individual. This is an important step in the process.

2. Contact the celebrant whose vibe you like most

Good wedding planning doesn’t mean getting in contact with absolutely every single celebrant that you come across. Once you’ve done your research make a list of your absolute favourites. You’ll know who they are. They’ll be the ones who you absolutely love the sound of from the minute you click on their website or read something about them. Contact your absolute favourite first and if it doesn’t work out, ie because they’re already booked then make your way down your list. 

Two people getting married

3.Book your celebrant early!

Once you have your venue and date in place, you’ll want to get your wedding celebrant booked up really quickly too. Awesome celebrants’ calendars get filled up really quickly, so if you see someone that you love get in touch with them asap. Don’t dither, because you really can miss out. We get contacted by so many couples who are our dream couples to work with, but sadly they’ve left it too late and they find we’re all already booked. It makes us so sad, but we also recognise that we can’t work with everyone, as much as we’d love to!

4. Invest in your ceremony planning

Thinking of what you want to do for your ceremony and how you do it is a really precious time in your life. If you give it the importance it deserves you’ll find yourself really enjoying the process and really excited by the ways that you can kickstart and celebrate your marriage. So try not to rush this time, because it really is very special and does warrant your attention and investment.

Take time to book your celebrant

So there you have it, four top tips for having a celebrant-led wedding in Spain. Get started if you haven’t already! And of course if you’re looking for a wedding celebrant to lead your fabulous wedding ceremony here in Spain, why not contact us below and find out how we can help you shape and create your personal ceremony for you and your soulmate.

Malaga Minister has been leading magically ceremonies around the Costa del Sol since 2007. That’s over a decade of creating love and joy-filled wedding ceremonies in Spain with hundreds of beautiful couples.

Photos by Andreas Holm Photography

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