Originally from a sleepy village in Oxfordshire, England Lucy has lived in Spain for twenty years. She was only supposed to come for 3 months to do an intensive Spanish language course in Madrid, but then she met a man on the metro, whose let’s say was very beneficial to her learning Spanish, and with that she never left.

The random man on the metro became her husband and 18 years and three gorgeous children later (and a hamster), they love calling Marbella home.

Lucy and her lovely voice which if you’re lucky you’ll get to have the pleasure of in person, is in her day job, a professional voice over artist. Amazing right? When she’s not writing wedding scripts and getting ready for her ceremonies, she spends her days in her voice booth lending her fabulous voice to adverts, e-learning campaigns, international tourist board promotional videos, everything and anything that requires her dulcet tones. You can check out Lucy's VO website and her impressive catalogue of work, here.

Lucy’s fabulous voice aside, her 20 years of dance, teaching and stage performance, means that her presence on the ceremony ‘stage’ is professional, warm, commanding and full of smiles. 

Work aside, Lucy has a weakness for crumble with double cream (who doesn’t?) and is a confessed reading addict. 

Lucy is an amazing and fabulous addition to the Malaga Minister team. Natasha and Lucy have known each other for 16 years and fun fact, they have the same birthday!

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