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Love is love. That's all.

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The lovely things couples say

What you did for us was so awesome and we couldn’t be more thankful! How you guided us all along the way up until the end was just perfection. So many of our guests said that they have never seen a ceremony like ours and the way you did everything was “out of this world crazy awesome”. Really, we’ve had soooo many people tell us that you have the voice of an angel and they never were at a wedding where they paid attention to every single second of the ceremony.

Also, thank you for for letting us take some control to make our ceremony our own and guiding us to make it work. It was a quite complex ceremony and you helped pull it off flawlessly. Plus making it so inclusive and fun for everyone, that was so brilliant on your part. We were so clueless as to how this all could work and your advice and assistance made it perfect for us and everyone else.

The best part is that in any photo our photographer took of the ceremony you can see constant smiles on nearly every single person. I’ve never seen that before in any of the weddings I’ve been to. This is not just because these people love us and were happy for us, it is because of how wonderful you made this for all of us.

Thank you with all of our hearts. We will forever remember how truly perfect you made this ceremony for us all.

John & Torsten

John & Torsten

Married August, 2016

We just wanted to take the time to thank you for the most magical wedding ceremony. It honestly was better than we ever could have imagined. I really do not know how to express how thankful we are to you. The ceremony felt so unique and personalised to us which is exactly how we wanted.

The way you conducted the ceremony was perfect and there was not one thing that we would have changed (apart from the flies, lol). We honestly both feel truly blessed to have you as our celebrant. I have already said I want to renew my vows just to have the opportunity to meet you again.

You give out such kind and loving vibe which was recognised and picked up on by all the guests. The amount of people that raved about how amazing you were, how genuinely lovely you seemed, how that was the best wedding ceremony they have ever been to was incredible. Even the most unromantic of men were reduced to tears!

The next day both James and I said that you are probably one of the most loveliest and most genuine person we have ever met.

But the biggest of thank yous is for making one of our dreams come true and giving us the most perfect wedding.

Georgia & James

Georgia & James

Married August 2016

A few words from me

You may not realise it, but your ceremony is YOUR ceremony. It's yours to do as you please. To say the words you want, to do the things you want, in the way you want, in front of the people who you choose. Use this chance to make your ceremony about the two of you. Feel all the feels and laugh all the laughs. Start married life on your own terms, in your own style, at your own rhythm, because life is way too short to not be yourself. That's all.
Natasha Johnson - Independent Wedding Celebrant

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You will want our services if…

  • Your ceremony is important to you
  • You want a fun, heart-felt celebration that isn't stiff, boring or overly formal
  • You love the idea of making your ceremony your own
  • You want a ceremony that represents the both of you
  • You can see that I offer a value-for-money, bespoke service
  • You want a celebrant who is awesome and will give you the best ceremony possible

You won’t want our services if…

  • You're not fussed about your ceremony
  • You don't care if your ceremony is not personal to you
  • You want a 'get-it-over-and-done-with' type ceremony OR a religious ceremony
  • You think the ceremony is the boring bit before the party
  • You're more concerned about the cost of the ceremony, than the quality
  • You're not bothered about who conducts your ceremony

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I'm also an award-wining Wedding blogger, who blogs all about wedding ceremonies. The trends, tradition, breaking tradition and everything in between! Check out Engaged & Ready, now!
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