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Where awesome couples come for their awesome ceremonies


Whoop! Whoop! So you're getting married! How awesome is that? And even better, you want to have an amazing wedding day right here in Spain. And you most certainly will.

This awesome Malaga Minister team of Wedding Celebrants are on hand to help you celebrate the best wedding day ever, kick-starting the day with your incredible, bespoke, fun and personal wedding ceremony. Good bye boring, samey, ordinary wedding ceremonies, hello awesome, unique, fun celebrations full of love, laughter and happiness.

Helping you every step of the way, we will work with you both to create your wedding ceremony in Spain, just the way that you want it. We'll help you plan what you want to do. What music you want, what readings you might have, and of course those all important vows. But equally important, we'll help you decide what you don't want to do, so that you both know you'll be celebrating your love in exactly your own way, under your own terms, in your own style. Hell to the yes!

So get in touch and let's get your wedding ceremony in Spain off to the best start EVER. Whoop! (We like whooping, can you tell?)

Here’s our Awesome A-Team

Introducing you to the trio that make up the Malaga Minister team

Natasha Johnson

Founder + Celebrant 

Tara Lorimer

Associate Celebrant

Gayle Armitage

Associate Celebrant

What You’ll Get From the Malaga Minister Team 

We love love and we love working with awesome couples who want to get married surrounded by love, laughter, joy and happiness. All the feels!

Bags of laughter

Yep, this goes without saying. We make creating your ceremony fun and enjoyable.

Plenty of chill

You've got enough on your plate. We're here to make your ceremony planning easy & stress-free.

Years of wisdom

We're the longest running celebrant biz in Spain. With 14 years of experience, we got you covered.

Loads of ideas

We're just brimming with ideas to help you have the ceremony that you didn't even know you wanted!

How our process works

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The 'flirting' stage

You check us out online and find out as much about us as you can. Cyberstalk us all you like. Check out our social media. Read our testimonials. We want you to be sure when making your next move.

The 'dating' stage

You're feeling pretty good about us, so now you want to get to know us a little better, to confirm that we're the ones! We'll let you know that we'll take care of you and will be everything that you need. We can meet you online or in-person, whatever's easiest!

The 'let's make it official' stage

We've got a match. You like us. We like you! Whoop whoop! And we're now ready to take it a step further and to create ceremony magic together. Yay!

The ´happily ever after' stage

Once it's all official and we have your date in our diary, we start working with you to create wedding magic together and make the best ever memories.

We'll craft the most fabulous bespoke wedding ceremony written for you, about you, and we'll deliver it on the day with love and joy. Is it an 'I do' from you?

You will want to book us if...

Does this sound like the pair of you and what you want? If so, hoorah! You sound like you'll be the kind of couples that we LOVE to work with. 


 Your ceremony is important to you.


You want a fun, heart-felt celebration that isn't stiff, boring or overly formal.


You love the idea of making your ceremony your own.


You want a ceremony that represents the both of you.


You can see that we offer a value-for-money, one of-a-kind, bespoke service.


You want a celebrant who is awesome and will give you the best ceremony possible.

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Ready for the Malaga Minister experience?

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