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Rather than have you looking for reasons for why you should book one of the Malaga Minister wedding celebrants for your wedding ceremony here in Spain, I thought I would create a nice easy peasy list outlining those reasons. That way you’ll be able to see in an instant why our team is not just awesome (!) but why we might be the right wedding Celebrants for you.

So here goes

1. Longevity

Malaga Minister is one of the longest serving wedding Celebrant businesses here on the Costa del Sol having been established since 2007. That’s over a decade of helping couples to have their dream wedding ceremony in Spain. Wow! I’ve even had to pinch myself at that. Time flies when you’re having fun!

2.Professional & passion

Our professionalism is something that we are extremely proud of. We are here to serve. We’re here to make couples happy with their wedding day choices. Our business is a conscientious one. We’re always looking at ways to improve, ways to be better celebrants, ways to give more value for money and to uphold our reputation as the coast’s leading wedding Celebrants. I am also the founder of the Celebrants Collective, a global membership platform to help and encourage Celebrants to be the best they can be.


Tara, Gayle and I between us have over 20 years experience of working in the Costa del Sol wedding industry. We’ve had the pleasure of working at most wedding venues, at most locations, with most wedding suppliers, which has given us an immense amount of knowledge and experience within our local wedding community here.

4.Women-led business

We are proudly a women owned, female-only business. We believe women as wedding Celebrants bring a natural touch to the proceedings. We’re not saying we’re better than men, just that we bring extra special magic to the wedding table!

5. Legitimate

The Malaga Minister team are a fully legal team of workers. What does this mean? We are all Spanish residents, who are registered as self-employed. We pay taxes here in Spain and present our clients with legal invoices. Now, this may not be the most fancy of facts or even remotely interesting to you, but to us it’s important to show that we are working fully legitimately here in our adopted country, and we’re extremely proud of that fact.

Malaga Minister Wedding Celebrants

6. Fun

We love a laugh, can’t you tell!? We get that marriage is an important and serious commitment, but that doesn’t mean that the celebration of it can’t be a joyous, fun-filled occasion, full of love, laughter and happiness. That’s what life is about, right?

7. Modern

We are a totally modern company not just in our way of thinking and our outlook but in how we work too. We’re conscientious about the environment so to lessen our impact on it we now have an awesome software package that means that all Malaga Minister clients get their own online ceremony planning account, so all planning admin is done online, reducing the need to print out paper. Woo hoo! We’re so proud of this. And this is just one aspect of how we’re constantly striving to modernise and freshen up our business practices.

8. Inclusive

We love love. We love all humans and we celebrate love with all couples. Men and women, women and women, men and men, all nationalities, races and cultures. Because love is all that matters.

9. Award- winning blog

As well as spreading our wedding magic around the Costa del Sol as fun-loving Celebrants, I am also the founder and editor of the Engaged and Ready Wedding blog. Engaged and Ready is THE only wedding blog to focus on all things wedding ceremony. Everything to do with vows, readings, music, symbolic rituals and all other ceremony elements. As well as looking at all of the emotions, feelings, politics and dramas that can present themselves in the run up to your big day. Make sure to sign up to the blog and get access to your free ceremony planning checklist.

10. Awesome

Because we are!

If you would love one of the Malaga Minister celebrant team to lead your awesome wedding celebration (hell yes!), do get in touch. We’d absolutely love to hear from you and your plans for your big day!


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