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This summer, some of the Costa del Sol’s best photographers have been in action capturing beautiful images of wedding celebrations up and down the coast and inland Andalucia.  Here’s my pick of my favourite images from weddings of couples I’ve married, which I feel either tell a great story or are simply beautiful shots. (According to me, of course!)

Talia Giraudo

This one sums up how much fun the bride and groom had on their day!
I just love it! Can't say more than that!
This picture, for me, beautifully captures the genuine warmth that the bride and groom felt for their wedding planners, Michael and Laura from Andalucia Weddings

Kris McGuirk

I love this picture because it looks like they are in Hawaii or somewhere exotic and far flung - but they aren't! They are right here in the good old Costa del Sol
I may not have understood her Dutch vows but this picture captures how emotional they were!
I do love this picture of Fritz the dog wandering around like nobody's business. He was very well behaved, indeed. Kris actually took some fab ones of Fritz by himself, but I don't have them 🙁

Claus Mikosch

I absolutely love this little pinch of love and reassurance - this really is a case of a picture speaking a thousand words!
Great effect!
Love it!

Becky Sharpe

The groom received this text from his bride, reminding him of his vows, shortly before the ceremony and was convinced that he was supposed to have memorized them! But he hadn't! Luckily, when I arrived, I reassured him that I was going to prompt him, so he didn't need to know it off by heart. Poor thing was petrified. Great to see a picture of the text, though!.
Her face says it all. Ah!
Great shot!

Jeremy Standley

The trees have eyes!

A lovely family shot.

Gary Tapp

The groom awaits his bride
The little one watches mummy and daddy tie the knot. Ah!

Thank you to all the photographers for allowing me to use their images.

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