No, I’m not talking about Christmas, but the busy wedding season which is now well underway. Since March I have already had the pleasure of being a part of some fabulous ceremonies and been witness to many a happy couple allowing themselves to be married in exactly the way they want. It truly is not an understatement when I say that ‘no two weddings are alike.’ Everyone, even within their partnership is an individual, with their own style, own ideas, own humour, which makes for the best ceremonies. I will never get bored of my job!

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to witness a beautiful poem written by the bride for her groom, vows that had every single guest in tears, a sand-mixing ceremony using sand from the Guadalfeo River in Granada, a place very special to the bride and groom and an extract from a Van Morrison song said as a reading, the list goes on!

And now I’m looking forward to forthcoming ceremonies where for example, The Beatles ‘All you need is love’ is going to be sung by the guests during the ceremony, one couple are going to do a gift exchange to symbolize that they are offering all they possess to one another and in another ceremony I’ll be going dressed in pantomine-theme to suit the whole wedding event, which is in the same style!

Oh what fun it is to be a wedding celebrant…

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